Kids Classes

Kids Classes

Kids Classes

Join our Kids Classes! Every week we explore new topics in the fundamentals of art! From beginners color theory, composition, line use, and medium we improve children’s understanding of what art is and how to make it.

Classes are drop-in for $12 OR you can register for a ten-pass for $79 (passes expire every six months). These purchases may be made in person at the gallery.

OR you may register for the entire session at

*If you are unable to pay class fees for any reason, please reach out to to explore our sponsorship options. We firmly believe that no person should go without art education and would like to work with you to make this possible*

Keep an eye out for our Fall Session Schedule coming soon!

Summer Schedule (July 1-August 31):

Kids Advanced Art Foundations
Wednesdays 9:00AM-10:30AM
Ages 4-12
Maggie Bowman

Our Kids Advanced Art class is specifically geared towards kids that participated in our Spring class session. Projects will directly build off of skill sets covered in the Introductory level class. We will focus on creating depth in composition, expand on our knowledge of different mediums, and further explore our experimentation with color!


Kids Introduction to Art Foundations
Wednesdays 11AM-12:30PM
Ages 4-12
Maggie Bowman

Our Kids Introduction to Art class is designed for all skill levels! We cover all essential basics of 2D art making, from color theory to composition. We explore 2D mediums including colored pencil, pen, charcoal, pastels, and acrylic paint! This class focuses on building skills and practicing techniques. Though we do end up with some fantastic work, the primary goal is to explore the practice of art making.


Kids Craft Creations
Wednesdays 1:30PM-3:00PM
Ages 4-12
Cheyenne Gieseke

We are very excited to introduce the Kids Craft Creations class! Here we will explore a different side of art making, utilizing vastly different techniques and mediums. We will also be expanding our horizons to 3D art, using felting, clay, paper, and more to create art objects.

*this class will have an additional $3 materials fee per class, because playing with stuff this fun can get a little pricey…


Differently Abled Art Making
Wednesdays 3:30PM-5:00PM
All Ages
Cheyenne Gieseke and Kelsey Davis

A class specifically geared towards students who may need special assistance and work at different paces, Differently Abled Art Making is a class that explores process based art. We will explore color, texture, and shapes to  imagine how they are used to express feelings and ideas.

*To register for this class, please email We want to be sure to familiarize ourselves with every individual’s unique interests and abilities prior to class.*


Drawing and Painting for Teens and Adults
Fridays 3:00PM-4:30PM
All ages 13+
Kelsey Davis

This class is meant for all skill levels. Whether you have been painting for years or this is your first time picking up a brush, we would love to have you! This class will focus on drawing and painting fundamentals. We will start with an exploration of perspective and value, and finish the session with focused work on still lifes, portraiture, and landscapes!

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