Grand Opening Party!

We opened our doors to the public on March 4th. We planned to celebrate this milestone with a festive gathering, but we could not have even imaged the amazing turn out! We were so touched by the number of people who came out. Over the course of the day we saw around 200 faces- some new, welcoming us to the community who wanted to learn more about what we are doing here, and some familiar, who came to honor Lynn Powers and her artistic legacy. Ken Wright donated Pinot and Chardonnay for the occasion and Kramer Vineyard provided all of the sparkling wine. The Horseradish brought over some incredibly tasty small bites, enjoyed by all.

Once the night was well underway, our founder, Ben Powers, engaged the guests by turning down the lights and giving a presentation describing who we are and how we plan to honor Lynn’s memory through serving the arts community. Despite being full to the brim with people, the room went silent as he spoke of his mother, what she contributed to the world, and how very much he was going to miss her. Needless to say, it was an emotional moment that exposed the heart of who we are as an organization, and the pure inspiration that fuels our work.

We are so grateful to all who came out in support of our brand new endeavor. We hope to do you all proud as we begin this adventure!

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