Some Folks You Might Recognize…

As many of you know, our first show here at WALLOW is titled Lynn Powers: A Life Full of Color, and shows an astounding array of a great artists life’s work. However, Lynn is not the only artist whose work you will find hanging on our walls in the coming months. Dour Roy and Dwight Evalt are also living lives full of color as local working artists, and they are both featured in our inaugural show!

Doug Roy is a very accomplished paper artist. He creates incredible compositions of teeny tiny sliced paper that are simply astounding! His attention to detail is nothing short of fastidious. The images that he depicts are both highly intricate and maintain a childish whimsy and enthusiasm. You really need to see this stuff in person. Stand as close as you can to get a good look at the detail!

Dwight is also a well-known local here in Carlton! You might know him from the high school, where he used to teach! Though as an educator he taught fundamentals of art, his work is very abstract! His compositions are chaotic and full of life and color. His process focuses very keenly on experimentation. He says that he likes to work with a medium and see what happens, what it wants to do in the composition, and then works from there. He also loves to play with different surfaces. In this show you will see a few compositions he did on vinyl that are extremely unique!

Doug and Dwight’s work couldn’t be more stylistically different, but both of them WALLOW in color!

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